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    Cast bronze Tiger Zun

    Cast bronze Tiger Zun

    $249.95 USD

    Dimensions : 8 X 4 inch

    Weight: 6 lbs

    Material : Cast Bronze

     Era : Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 - 1046 BC)


    This Shang Dynasty reproduction is called the "Tiger Zun.

    The original  sculpture was discovered, in 1993, in Jiangling city, in Hubei Province and is now exposed of the Jingzhou museum.

    It was originally used as a wine decanter ", it embodies the meaning of Imperial Style full of Prosperity. The small tiger is a handle to remove the small lid he standing on, and the larger tiger is hollow for storage, originally, for wine. 

    This Tiger Zun is a handsome example of ancient Chinese Tribal Art and measures about 8" Long X 4" Tall,  so you can use it,  almost anywhere, as a decorative piece. 

    This piece comes complete with a wood display stand and gift box.

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