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    Feng Shui God of Wealth - Tsai Shen Yeh Statue sitting on tiger - Rare piece!

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    Names : Tsai Shen Yeh | Ruyi |  Lu Shing | The Star God of Wealth  | Cai Shen  (traditional Chinese: 財神; simplified Chinese: 财神; pinyin: Cáishén) |  Zhao Gongming | Bi Gan.

    Description : Men in armor holding a pot full of yuanbao and sitting on a tiger's back.
    Belief and Tradition : "The Chinese god of prosperity, both of religious Taoism and in the syncretist folk religion. He has various magical powers, such as warding off thunder and lightning, and ensuring profit from commercial transactions. As a historical figure he is identified as Zhao Xuan-tan (Chao Hsüan-t'an), "General Zhao of the Dark Terrace", from the Qin Dynasty. He attained enlightenment on top of a mountain. He also assisted Zhang Dao-ling on his search for the life-prolonging elixir. Cai-shen is usually portrayed riding on a black tiger. He has a black face and a thick moustache. On his head he wears a cap made of iron and he holds a weapon, also made of iron. "


    Width: 40 Inches

    Depth: 17 Inches

    Height: 33 Inches


    Weight: 1200 lbs

    Note : Shipping restricted to Florida, USA.  Contact us for more information.

    Source : "Cai-shen." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online. <> [Accessed March 10, 2016].

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