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    Lo Pan Feng Shui Compass - Professional

    Lo Pan Feng Shui Compass - Professional

    $39.95 USD

    Lo Pan Compass used by professional Feng Shui Practitioners to to determine corrections for any home or building.

    It is a very precise mathmatical instrument. Comes complete with red carry case.

    The Application of the "Lo Pan" - Feng Shui Compass In the centuries after the Han dynasty, the shih board was slowly replaced by the feng shui compass.

    The Lo Pan incorporates the Chinese concept that Heaven and Earth should be in harmony if our fortunes are going to prosper. They believe we are a microcosm, or small reflection, of the greater whole, the macrocosm.

    Lo Pan is used for determining the direction of a site or dwelling.

    It can be simple with only 3 rings of information or as complicated as having over forty rings.

    It is held in veneration, and comes with varying numbers of rings around a central magnetic compass.

    This branch of Feng Shui is relatively recent; it has developed over thousands of years as an accompaniment of the Form school.

    It is particularly useful when the landscape has few features which can be associated with Form School requirements, such as mountains and rivers.

    The needle in the Luo Pan is unstable because the electro-magnetic field in the house is not stable. It may be due to the fluctuating strength of the electric current in cables nearby or some unknown source of magnetic instability.

    In fact, the Luo Pan reading inside a house is never accurate nowadays especially in high rise buildings.

    Feng Shui practitioners using the Luo Pan to "trace" the energy inside a house is just fooling his clients.

    The Luo Pan is only used to find the sitting and facing of a building.

    It is to be used outdoors where it is free from electro-magnetic interference.

    Anyone who moves around inside the house holding the Luo Pan in hand is just acting.

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