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    Large Bronze Feng Shui Coins 5 inches

    Large Bronze Feng Shui Coins 5 inches

    $29.95 USD

    Bright and shiny solid bronze Feng Shui coins with heavy engraving both sides. They come in two sizes, 5 inch and 7 inches in diameter. In addition to traditional Feng Shui uses they make great coasters and trivets. They also look very nice when framed and mounted on a wall. Chinese Ancient Coins There are about 30,000 different Chinese coins including calligraphy and mint variations, spanning over a period of 3,000 years. They have many shapes and sizes. Since Han Dynasty, the coins are standardized into bronze items with round shape with a square hole in the center, and a rim at the edge. Chinese coins are good reflection of Chinese history in the areas of economic development, Chinese language and calligraphy, metallurgy technology, and social styles. Therefore, Chinese coins can serve many different interest groups. The Phoenix and Dragon ancient coin. This replica of an ancient Chinese talisman symbolizes a strong and successful union, such as a relationship or business partnership. Together they embody the male and female. The Dragon is male, Yang energy. The Phoenix is female, Yin energy. Chinese mythology believes their union to be of supreme importance in Chinese symbolism. The shape of this good luck symbol is of the ancient Chinese coin. These were used as protection against disease and negative force.

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