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    Exquisite Cloisonne Ornaments1

    $8.95 USD

    Exquisite Hand Made Collectible Cloisonne Butterflys and Angels, each one is different color design, all are beautiful. Put your mouse over each of the photos for a description. Check the box next to the photo to order. These are really unique and quality made, very colorful and beautiful. Price is for EACH Ornament ordered.

    Cloisonné Snowflakes


    These gorgeous cloisonné beads are puffed and in the shape of snowflakes. They take you to a winter wonderland. They are just stunningly gorgeous and have no other words to describe them!

    People enjoy decorating their homes with Chinese Cloisonné articles. Women love Cloisonné bracelets and earrings. Cloisonné articles are often used as gifts. People are attracted by their colorful beauty.

    Owing to the brilliant color and splendid designs, cloisonné has been highly appraised at home and abroad. It is suitable for anyone to wear.  If you have it, you will very Junoesque rather than before. It will make a valuable collection and great gift. Don't lose the chance to get it.

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