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    Cloisonne Eggs

    $14.95 USD

    Since the beginning of the TANG DYNASTY early in the 7th Century, the Intricate Art of Cloisonne enamel-on-metal work has been practiced by dedicated Chinese Craftsmen. Using traditional design, contemporary artists create Cloisonn?hat rivals centuries old collectors pieces. Working on Copper Eggs in classic Chinese shapes, artists carefully outline the pattern in small cells made of fine strips of copper. Each cell painstaking filled with the proper shade of enamel using a delicate writing brush, then the piece is baked causing the enamel to contract. The process is repeated several times until each cell is filled with translucent, colored enamel. Finally, the piece is polished and each cell is outlined in gold. Each egg rests on a traditional hand-carved lacquered rosewood stand.

    This unique combination of earth element and metal element make these eggs good luck pieces and can be used in both these areas. This shape refers to metal, specifically. Especially, place one in the Knowledge area. Use two eggs in the Relationship/Romance area. Use in areas needing copper, blue, white, multiple colors or gold.

    Small Egg is 1.5" Tall X 1" Diameter  8 oz. shipping weight

    Medium Egg is 2" Tall X 1" Diameter  8 oz. shipping weight 

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