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    Bronze Set of 3 Statues of the Wisemen 4" tall

    Bronze Set of 3 Statues of the Wisemen 4" tall

    $69.95 USD

    Lu Shin the Legend of rank and affluence seen holding a child, he symbolizes the opportunity for self-betterment. Fu Shinn the star Legend of happiness and wealth, he holds a symbol of wealth and is always in the centre of the three, while Lao Sau the Legend of Health and Longevity seen holding a peach, which blossoms every 3000 years symbolizing immortality. It is considered lucky to wed in the month of the peach tree flowers signifying long marriage. Fu Lu and Sau should be placed high on a sideboard over looking the dining table to bring the good fortune of always having enough good food to eat and for staying in good health Beautiful set of 3 statues of the Chinese Wisemen. Each one is cast in bronze and polished by hand. They stand about 4" high each. A real value, you get all three for one low price.

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