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    60 mm World Gemstone Globe

    60 mm World Gemstone Globe

    $89.95 USD

    Exquisite World Globe made from gemstones from around the world. Each country is a different gemstone hand cut and fitted into this intricate and beautiful design. The Latitude and Longitude lines are gold, the oceans a beautiful blue Lapis. A treasure to behold and to own. This World Gemstone Globe sells for $ 159.00 and more elsewhere. These gemstone globes are all hand made with real gemstones from the countries they represent in the globe. For example the Abalone used for the continent of Australia comes from the Great barrier Reef. The Oceans are pure Blue Lapis, the Latitude and Longitude lines are real gold with the equator and International Date Line made from Sterling Silver. Each individual country is hand cut and fitted together. Once the whole globe is made it is covered and sealed by a layer a crystal clear glass. The Tri-pod globe is sup!

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