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    Small Chinese Opera Mask Zhou_Dewei

    Small Chinese Opera Mask Zhou_Dewei

    $39.95 USD

    From opera "Zhulian Fortress (Zhulian Zhai)" The Tang empire is shaken by a peasant uprising headed by Huang Chao. The emperor's envoy goes to warlord Li Keyong for help. Harboring a deep hatred toward the emperor of exiling him. Li refuses to help the Tang emperor. The envoy turns to Li's wife, as he knows that, despite his martial arts skill, Li is henpecked. Li then leads his army to help the emperor. On their way, the army is blocked at Zhulian Fortress by bandit Zhou Dewei. Li defeats Zhou and adopted him as his son. This beautiful hand painted porcelain mask measures overall about 12.5 inches Tall X 8.5 inches Wide and comes beautifully boxed.

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