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    Mammoth Ivory 2 Girls Embracing Nude

    Mammoth Ivory 2 Girls Embracing Nude

    $3,395.95 USD $6,790.95 USD

    This is an exquisite new design to our collection, made from a very large piece of the highest quality Mammoth Tooth Ivory. Beautifully proportioned, a timeless investment you will be proud to display in your collection. The couple measure about rn3 inches tall X 2 inches wide X 1.5 inches thick. This piece was carved from the very best part of the tusk where only a large thick piece of high quality ivory could be found. Our Master Carver hand picked the piece of Ivory used for this carving, it is our own design which won't be found in any other collection. Comes with a beautiful exotic wood display stand.

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