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    Large Ivory Pair of Animal Carvings

    Large Ivory Pair of Animal Carvings

    $3,789.95 USD $4,790.95 USD

    Carved from the most perfect section of the tusk you can see the curvature of the tusk.

    It is perfect throughout as well as on both sides with the best white ivory available from the tusk that was selected for this project.

    There is so much intricate detail from the pair of fighting Animal Carvings, to the tablet with Chinese characters engraved into it.

    These dueling Animal Carvings symbolize the struggle for success and dominance in everything.

    This carving is for the over achiever that never loses.

    It measures about 3.5 inches tall X 5 inches wide X 2 inches deep.

    The display stand was also specially carved for this exquisite work of art.

    We include our Certificate of Authenticity.

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