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    Old Chinese Money Set of 4 pieces

    Old Chinese Money Set of 4 pieces

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    Old Chinese Money looked this way hundreds of years ago. These authentically crafted pieces accurately show how money was made in ancient times. Assorted styles available. POINTED KNIVES We assume the pointed knifes, with a smooth curve down the back, are the earliest form of knife money. They have the closest style to genuine knives, and like the early hollow-handled spades often appear without inscriptions, although the inscriptions are normally weak or difficult to see on most specimens. The casting and calligraphy are similar to the hollow-handled spades. This leads us to believe they first appeared at about the time of the inscribed hollow-handled spades and overlap with the heavy flat spades, probably in the late 5th century BC. SQUARE FOOT THIN SPADES It appears that around 300 BC the heavy flat spades gave way to the ! Chinese Ancient Coins There are about 30,000 different Chinese coins including calligraphy and mint variations, spanning over a period of 3,000 years. They have many shapes and sizes. Since Han Dynasty, the coins are standardized into bronze items with round shape with a square hole in the center, and a rim at the edge. Chinese coins are good reflection of Chinese history in the areas of economic development, Chinese language and calligraphy, metallurgy technology, and social styles. Therefore, Chinese coins can serve many different interest groups.

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