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    Bagua Mirrors several sizes - Concave and convex

    Bagua Mirrors several sizes - Concave and convex

    $3.95 USD

    Bagua Mirrors for use in deflecting or absorbing evil from the outside of your house.Not to be used on the inside unless installed so it faces only outside.

    BaGua Mirrors protect your house from outside negative influences. Place OUTSIDE on your front door to protect your home.

    The center has a mirror which is surrounded by lines from the Chinese book - the I Ching.

    Comes ready to hang. The frame is hand painted wood.

    Please select the size you want, then select with you want concave (dish in) or convex (bubble out)

    Here are the sizes of the diameter of the mirror relative to the overall size of the bagua:

    8"- mirror 3.5"

    7"- mirror 3.5"

    6"- mirror 3"

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