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    Small Wood & Leather Pillow Box

    Small Wood & Leather Pillow Box

    $69.95 USD

    Beautifully detailed wood pillow box covered in hand stitched leather. Godd designs of a Dragon and Phoenix Bird grace the top of the lid. Inside the box the lining is old print of Chinese symbols and characters. The box measures about rn10" L X 3.5 " W X 4" H and has a unique brass latch and closure. Historical significance: During the Qing dynasty these boxes served two purposes: Housewives would hide their belongings or important family documents in the boxes to protect them from theft since typical Chinese houses were not locked. These boxes were also used by Chinese sailors to hide their valuables and use the boxes as their pillow when traveling. The affluent class would use leather boxes with delicate gold paintings. Don't forget to check out our Old Chinese Locks which beautifully fit all these pillow boxes.

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