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    Bone and Bamboo Mahjong Set - Very high quality with carrying case - 3 sizes

    $129.95 USD $149.95 USD

    Very High Quality Mahjong Set complete with colorful Chinese Carrying case. This set is made from bone and bamboo playing pieces hand painted with the Mahjong characters. The 152 tiles (same number for each set) are approximately 1.25 inches long X .75 inches wide X 1/2 inch thick. Dice and counting sticks are fish bone. A very classy way to play Mahjong with your friends. Carrying case is sturdy for both storing the set and carrying it to your next match.

    Tile Sizes:

    Large set
    Case 14 inch x  9.5 inch x 2 inch
    Playing pieces 1.25 inch x 1 inch x 0.5 inch
    Shipping weight 10 lbs

    Medium set
    Case  13 inch x 9 inch x 2 inch
    Playing pieces 1/4 inch smaller length and wide, same thickness

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