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    8 inch Pair Jade Temple Lions Starting at $129.95

    8 inch Pair Jade Temple Lions Starting at $129.95

    $129.95 USD

    Pair of Jade Temple Lions. These are hand carved and gorgeous. Each of the Fierce looking Temple Lions were carved from a solid block of jade. The detail is extensive on the larger pairs. There is one Male Lion and one Female Lion in the set. Temple Lion statues appeared in China with the coming of Buddhism. They symbolize defense and protection and are often seen guarding entrances and gateways to buildings. The Lion is the symbol of majestic strength, great courage and strength of character. When a Temple Lion is seen playing with a ball, it is to signify the moon pearl which symbolizes blessings and protection against evil, and the ball also represents the sun, which is Yang. These are the same thing with two different names. Always have a pair. One is bad luck. Place them just inside the front door with their back!rn PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE MORE OF THE 10 INCH AND 13 INCH SIZES IN THE BROWN JADE VERSIONS

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