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    Large Red Jade Chi Lin Limited Quantities!

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    Exquisitely carved fierce Chi Lin statue comes in right and left hand styles so you can pair them up as guardians. This smooth and finely polished statue measures about 8.5" L X 5" T X 3" D. It is a true collector's piece. In the thirteenth century, a scouting expedition of the Emperor Genghis Khan, who had undertaken the invasion of India, met a creature in the desert "like a deer, with a head like that of a horse, one horn on its forehead, and green hair on its body," which addressed them, saying, "It is time for your master to return to his own land." One of Genghis' Chinese ministers, upon consultation, explained to him that the animal was a chio-tuan, a variety of the Ki-lin. "For four years the great army has been warring in western regions he said. "Heaven, which has a horror of bloodshed, gives warning through the Chio-tuan. Spare the Empire for Heaven's sake; moderation will give boundless pleasure." The Emperor desisted in his war plans. Twenty-two centuries before the Christian era, one of the judges of the Emperor Shun was in possession of a "one horned goat" which refused to attack the wrongly accused but would butt the guilty. Margoulies' Anthologie raisonee de la literature Chinese(I948) includes this mysterious, soft-spoken allegory, the work of a ninth-century writer of prose:

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