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    Ox/Bull: Meanings in Feng Shui

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    Ox/Bull: Meanings in Feng Shui

    Ox/bull symbolizes virility,power, success and accumulation of wealth. It is a gentle, honest and reliable animal, and is also a symbol of perseverance and determination. As an emblem of spring, ox represents harvests, happiness, joyful news and signs of a good year ahead. In Feng Shui, ox/bull is believed to bring good luck in investments, business, the stock market, career, or in any financial situation.

    Here are the placements of ox/bull:

    1. in the SOUTHEAST of home-- activates wealth and generates prosperity for the whole family
      2. in the NORTH of home—enhances career victory, removes obstacles to remedy political problems in workplace
      3. on work desk at home or office desk at workplace– improves career, business deals or investments
      4. at cash register of business-- increases in business gains

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