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    Online Florida Business with Cash Flow wants to trade for Cars and Properties

    Online Florida Business with Cash Flow wants Cars and Properties

    A fully passive income stream is the Holy Grail of business. The closest you can get to a passive income stream is a business machine you only need to supply product to and it keeps generating cash flow.

    My 20 year old Online Business located in Tampa Bay Florida is that type of business, and is looking for interesting trades. It has cash flow, a large inventory of high end Asian Feng Shui Art and Home Decor, a rare collection of Mammoth Tooth Sculptures, plus many valuable Domain Names. The Business has inventories located in Tampa Bay, Florida and Hong Kong.

    Visit us at

    Here is how it works:
    We mutually agree upon a value of our trade.

    You select the inventory you want up to the value of the trade from our hundreds of different products in Florida.

    We can either to have all the products shipped to you or another location of your choosing, or let us warehouse and drop ship the products for you.
    If you want to sell through Amazon Prime where they not only market your inventory, but warehouse and drop ship to your customers as well, we can arrange that for you too. Then you don't need to do anything but send your traded inventory to Amazon.

    Your initial trade inventory can be your starter inventory to a new business and we can help you grow it. And you can run your new business from anywhere in the world.

    We will do trades from US$10,000 up to US$300,000 in this way, you can also trade for exclusive rights to the United States market, we can supply you from for as long as you want. Need to restock your new store? Buy new product from us for cash or a new trade. This could be a good source to channel your own trades and convert them to products you can sell for cash.

    We are looking for property trades, developed or undeveloped in the United States, SE Asia and Caribbean countries, or luxury automobiles located in the United States, a Sailboat 50 feet or larger located in the United States, SE Asia or Caribbean countries. Age of the items you offer for trade is not as important as quality and condition.

    Email is the best way to contact us. Please send us photos and other details about your trades. All trades must be free and clear of any loans or liens. Email me at or


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