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    Good Luck Symbols in Japan

    buddha fish japan luck symbol

    Good Luck Symbols in Japan

    Most people are familiar with the good luck/feng shui items in China. In Japan, there are also such items that are believed to convey good fortune. Below are some of these Japanese good luck items.

    1. Beckoning Cat (Prosperity Cat/Maneki-neko)--has one or both paws up, the left meaning beckoning customers and the right meaning to accept money. It is a good luck symbol for enhancing wealth in businesses
    2. The seven lucky gods (Shichifukujin)-- they are Benzaiten, Bishamonten, Daikokuten, Ebisu, Fukurokuju, Hotei, and Jurōjin. They are gods of good luck
    3. Daruma dolls-- symbol of perseverance and good luck
    4. Laughing Buddha (the Hotei in Japanese)-- enhances happiness, wealth, and good luck
    5. Koi fish/carp-- symbol of good fortune, perseverance in adversity and immense strength. The Carp also enhances faithfulness in marriage
    6. Lucky Frog or Toad—meaning to bring good luck and wealth
    7. Peony (king of flowers in Japan)-- represents wealth, bravery, and honor
    8. Owl (Fukuro)--symbol of luck and protector, enhances good fortune
    9. Crane (Tsuru)-- symbol of longevity and good luck


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