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    Western Styles of Feng Shui

    Western Feng Shui incorporates the essence of Feng Shui and adapts it to modern times. It does not promote painting your front door red or hanging crystals and wind chimes in mysterious places. It is a profound art and science meant to connect both your inner and outer worlds. It incorporates simple, yet practical concepts to create peaceful environments where every possession either brings joy or is useful in moving life forward.

    Feng Shui acknowledges that everything in the environment is alive, connected, and continually interacting with us, affecting us either positively or negatively. It is also instinctual. When we pay attention, we all have an innate sense of what feels right and what doesn’t. It encourages us to tune in and really look at what is going on in our living space.

    Some of the key concepts of Western Feng Shui are:

    1. Safety: Feng Shui deals with the reptilian brain that is dedicated to survival. Subtle elements in your environment register as threatening or unsafe even if the conscious brain is not aware of them. Because of the time we spend in our living space, these things affect us much more than if we encounter then in a place that we are just passing through.Like water dripping on a stone, a hole is created over time.

    Some things that endanger our feeling of safety are:

    • Heavy Beams or heavy objects overhead register to the subconscious as a heavy object that could potentially fall on you. Move your bed or desk out from under beams if this is an area you spend much time.
    • Ceiling Fans register to the subconscious as spinning knives overhead. Replace the sharp-edged blades with more friendly-looking ones (Home Depot has fans that look like palm leaves), lighten the color of fans and/or cover the blades with blade covers that are leaf-shaped. JADE MARKET HONG KONG EASTERN FAN ART
    • Weapons or weapon-like objects are representations of danger and violence — the need to protect ourselves against a dangerous world. Being reminded of this does not invoke a sense of safety in our living space. Always remove weapons or sharp objects and place them behind locked cabinets.
    • Unfriendly Furniture such as sharp-edged tables or any object in your home you have run into, stubbed your toe on or bruised your shins on is considered unfriendly and should be replaced with furniture or objects with rounded edges.

    2. Naggers: Remove Unfriendly Messages : Naggers are anything in your space that irritates you. This can be the clutter pockets, unused exercise equipment, unfinished projects. Anything that is sending you negative messages about yourself is not helping to create an uplifting environment. Move them out, clean them up and donate them to someone who will use them.

    3. Clear Clutter: Clutter brings you down and weighs you down. One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to clear the clutter. It makes space for new things to come into your life, and they do!

    4. Use your Home as a Vision Board: Feng Shui teaches that we are energetically connected to everything we own. Everything in our living space is moving our lives forward in a way that is positive- or not. We choose things for our home from both our conscious and subconscious mind. We might have subconsciously chosen  the picture of the sad little girl standing in the forest because we relate to it. It feels familiar. Feng Shui teaches that that sad picture is keeping sadness in our lives. Once we understand the power of objects to invoke emotions,  we consciously choose objects that invoke the emotions that we want to experience. This powerful yet simple teaching allows us to direct our future experiences by carefully choosing objects for our living space that reflect our highest aspirations.

    We use what is called a Bagua Map to locate what are considered the key energy centers of the home which include career, health, wealth, love relationships, family, recognition, spiritual growth, learning and more. This is a map we overlay onto the floor plan of our living space. We then use our home as a vision board, strategically placing objects in these key energetic areas that represent what we want to bring into this part of our lives. These act as radio signals, sending our wishes out to the universe every time we interact with the object.


    5. Bring Nature Into the Home: Since we came from 100,000 generations of ancestors who lived in nature, it is in our DNA to feel happy and balanced when surrounded by it. Feng Shui teaches that the more we can surround ourselves with the objects, colors, shapes and textures from the natural world, the happier we feel. We learn how to bring these into our living space to create a rich, vibrant atmosphere that comes as close as possible to replicating how inspired we feel in nature. Feng Shui teaches that we can reconfigure our own energy field by reconfiguring our living space. This is called the Five Elements theory and is a powerful part of the Western Feng Shui teaching.

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