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    Jade Market Hong Kong - Online Store Asian Feng Shui Importations


    Welcome to Jade Market Hong Kong - We offer a large selection of unique Feng Shui items.  Most of our products are imported from China.  We bring you back the most beautiful handmade products created by Chinese artisans. Our Collection Includes : Authentic Piece from the Qing Dynasty; Museum Quality Reproductions; Feng Shui kit; Tea Set; Mahjong set; Calligraphy Brushes; World Gemstone Globe; Mammoths Tusk Carvings; Chinese Crystals; Quan Yin and Buddha; Statues  

    Last News!

    FSusion : PanAsian Vases!

    We are very excited to presente to you this new collection called FSusion : Those products have been produced in the United States.  Those products are answering our clients request for Feng Shui products without the religious connotation present in Buddhist images and statues. Special offer! Receive a Free Feng Shui Reading! Personnalised Feng Shui Reading are available if you need help before buying.  Contact us and we will send you a form to fill.  We have a team of Feng Shui Master that can help you achieve you goals and reach you dreams!


    FSusion PanAsian Vases